CORE Classes

The purpose of these courses is to provide practical faith direction in areas that are specific to our core values as a church. Here are our currently scheduled CORE Classes:

ENGAGE: How to Know God
Beginning Sunday, April 30
11AM in the Living Room

What is the Gospel? This is the question that “ENGAGE: How to Know God” tackles, and it will be the subject of a six-week study. Whether you are a skeptic, an apathetic wanderer, or someone who would already claim to know God, you will find something to identify with in this book that seeks to detail the process of how we know God. We encourage anyone who is a “Newcomer” to our church or anyone who missed out on the small group campaign to consider attending this class. John and Flora Leamer will be facilitating this session of “ENGAGE: How to Know God."

living it out

Living It Out: Steps to Seeing Accelerated Growth in Your Faith
Beginning Sunday, May 21
11AM in the Office Area

Do you feel like you are stuck in your faith walk simply because you aren’t sure what to do next? There is a story in the Bible about a giant by the name of Goliath being killed by a young shepherd named David. What many do not know is that for 40 days before their encounter, the Israelite army was at an impasse with the Philistine army. They couldn’t retreat, but no one would step out either. To help those who want to step up to the challenge of sharing your faith and taking a stand, this three-week Core Class is designed to help anyone engage every person to become a passionate follower of Jesus Christ.

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